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Definition: What is the meaning of the name FutterX?

Well, the German word for "feed" is "Futter". X pronounce "ex" stands for extended, or number 10 (latin) or next step...

We have the feed formulation software HYBRIMIN® Futter5 which has been the 5th MS-Windows release since the year 2000.

HYBRIMIN® FutterX is the next evolution step behind an MS-Windows software. It is a best off from all feed formulation and balancing software tools HYBRIMIN® has created the last 43 years!

HYBRIMIN® FutterX has the possibility to work with all species worldwide which are used in animal nutrition. This means all farm animals and all pet food animals too.

If there are any species not available or the user needs more specific data as requirements it is possible to add everything. This task will be done by HYBRIMIN® itself.

HYBRIMIN® FutterX is a multi animal species software.

The user can select which animal species should be available to get more comfort in user interface by deleting not used animal species.

Basic data like nutrients, units, formulas, raw materials and examples for recipes and daily rations are based on German data.

Calculating of energy formulas, requirements, and local raw materials can be added by user or by HYBRIMIN team members all the time or on request of customers.

Database can be very individual depending on customers need.

It is possible to get a complete NRC database on request.

In HYBRIMIN FutterX data is ordered hierarchical and user content is shared by roles. A role can be a feed advisor for cows or a director of feed sales and marketing, etc.

This way you can ensure that team members have access to only what is relevant to their work. You can choose between view only or editing access.

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