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The software for agricultural companies

As a farmer, you want to check and customise daily feed rations on your farm. As someone who mixes their own feed, you want to formulate your own farm mix to meet your demands. To help you with this, you need a feeding program that is already fully loaded with data and is very easy to use.

It is even better if you use the same feed program as your advisor. More than 4,000 feed advisors use a HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 feed program.!

As the HYBRIMIN® feed programs are fully standalone (Excel is not required), with some understanding of animal nutrition, there is a very small learning curve. We normally reckon on 2-3 hours from inputting the first feedstock analyses to generating the first rations or mixes of the day.

Von Vorteil ist auch, wenn Sie das gleiche Fütterungsprogramm wie Ihr Berater einsetzen. Mehr als 4.000 Fütterungsberater nutzen ein HYBRIMIN® Fütterungsprogramm.

Da das HYBRIMIN® Fütterungsprogramm völlig eigenständig läuft (kein Excel notwendig), ist der Lernaufwand bei vorhandenen Tierernährungskenntnissen sehr gering. Im Normalfall gehen wir von 2-3 Stunden aus, um nach Eingabe der ersten Rohstoff-Analysen die ersten Rationen oder Mischungen zu erstellen.

There are several feed programs: Futter2000, Futter 2003, Futter 2006 and Futter 2008. The most recent version is HYBRIMIN® Futter 5.

Condensed versions for a single type of animal are available to farmers.

Test .HYBRIMIN® Futter 5 for two weeks or try it out online with no obligation…

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