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choose HYBRIMIN® WinFumi.

Are you a manufacturer of premixes, mineral feed, supplementary feed, concentrated feed, complete feed, milk replacers, additives, diet feed, pet food or special feed? Are you looking for software for feed calculation, optimization, and labeling?

More than 50 % of all feed firms in Germany use HYBRIMIN® WinFumi for formulation and optimization as well as for labelling. HYBRIMIN® WinFumi is also used in many universities/technical colleges both in Germany and abroad for teaching as well as product research and development.

The program enables data to be exchanged within networks using process control and/or inventory control (e.g. price lists, recipes, declarations, etc.). Completed declarations (identification/labelling) can be printed onto the delivery notes or sent directly to the bagging unit for printing.

With the help of the HYBRIMIN® WinFumi print module, it is possible to automatically generate declarations using a mixing order with supplements, e.g. acids.

Prior to delivery HYBRIMIN® WinFumi is set up and customized for each client with the appropriate types of feed and animals. Training is provided on site.

Yearly updates ensure continuing operative improvements and adaptations to meet technological requirements, e.g. new Windows operating systems.

Our customer support staff, who all have agricultural training, help resolve quickly any situations that may arise.