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New recommendations for dairy cow management

    Here is the new German book with recommendations for dairy cow management:
    Empfehlungen zur Energie- und Nährstoffversorgung von Milchkühen

    new recommendations for dairy cow management

    This latest publication provides an extensive and in-depth guide on managing dairy cows, covering crucial aspects from nutritional requirements to practical feeding strategies. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in German, but there are plans to have it translated into English in the near future. This comprehensive resource spans 288 pages, packed with valuable content.

    Key Highlights:

    Energy and Nutrient Requirements: The book delves into detailed recommendations on the energy and nutrient needs of dairy cows, helping farmers optimize their feeding practices to enhance milk production and cow health.

    Feeding Strategies: Practical advice on various feeding strategies, including the use of different feed types and supplements, to ensure cows receive balanced diets that meet their physiological needs.

    Health Management: Insights into maintaining and improving the overall health and welfare of dairy cows through proper nutrition and management practices.

    Environmental Impact: Recommendations on sustainable feeding practices that minimize the environmental footprint of dairy farming, aligning with modern agricultural sustainability goals.

    Case Studies and Research: The book includes case studies and research findings that provide real-world examples of successful dairy cow management practices, offering readers practical applications of the guidelines.

    This book is an invaluable resource for dairy farmers, nutritionists, and anyone involved in the dairy industry looking to improve their herd management practices based on the latest scientific research and industry standards.

    If you’re interested, you can purchase it here: DLG-Verlag Shop.

    Stay tuned for the English version, which will soon be available to reach a broader audience and provide these crucial insights to the global dairy farming community.