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Survey Results: How long it takes to develop a feed formulation software?

    We conducted a survey among feed formulation experts to gather their insights on the estimated time required to develop a web-based feed formulation software that covers all species and countries, including both frontend and backend functionalities.

    Here are the findings:

    survey results, estimate the development of a web-based feed formulation software

    46% of respondents estimate that it would take approximately 2 years to develop such comprehensive software. They believe that the complexity involved in covering multiple species, regions, and integrating various functionalities would require extensive time for development, testing, and refinement.

    36% of respondents think it could be accomplished within 1 year. These experts are optimistic about the availability of existing technologies and the possibility of leveraging modular or scalable solutions to expedite the development process.

    18% of respondents believe that it could be done in 3 months. This group might be considering more streamlined or focused initial versions of the software, possibly targeting specific species or regions before expanding to a full-scale, globally inclusive platform.

    The varying estimates reflect different perspectives on the scope and scale of such an ambitious project, highlighting the diverse opinions within the industry on what it takes to create a truly comprehensive feed formulation software.